Seeley & Berglass


855 Main Street                             3695 Post Road
Bridgeport, CT 06604                     Southport, CT 06890
New Haven, CT 06510
Tel (203) 562-5888
(203) 366-3939                             (203) 256-3252



Tax Law  Income, Sales and Death


  • Individuals

We are consulted by individuals with respect to the includability and deductibility of items on their Federal and CT personal income tax returns.

  • Businesses


We are consulted by business entities with respect to the includability and deductibility of items on their corporate, partnership, and trust Federal and CT tax returns.
We are consulted by and assist business clients in planning to consummate transactions, mindful of the income and sales/use tax consequences.
  • Succession Planning


We are consulted and assist clients in succession planning for their businesses from an income and death tax impact perspective.
  • Estates


As part of any estate or financial planning consultation we factor in the impact of death taxes.

CONTACT US: (203) 256-3250

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