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  • Commercial litigation comprises the core of the New Haven office practice.  This part of Seeley and Berglass focuses its practice on commercial law, contract, insurance coverage, accident indemnification, and employment law cases.


Insurance coverage cases have included advertising injury, property and fire, as well as lead, asbestos and environmental matters of all kinds.  Seeley and Berglass has a well-developed specialty in the areas of coverage, indemnification, contribution, and subrogation.  These areas involve extensive utilization of statutory and common law, choice of law and forum issues, and insurance priority and allocation. Analysis and strategic deployment of these factors is often determinative of case outcome.
General commercial litigation forms the second core of Seeley and Berglass's litigation practice.  These cases involve commercial claims, as well as contract and construction cases, claims in the unfair competition area, tortious interference, state and federal antitrust, and traditional trade claims.
Seeley and Berglass has well developed expertise with claims under the Connecticut Unfair Insurance Practices Act (CUIPA), and the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUTPA).  These claims are derivative of insurance coverage cases and general commercial litigation.  Seeley and Berglass has procured some of the leading decisions relating to the scope of these statutes, both in Connecticut state and federal courts.  The broad discovery permitted by these statutes, and reaffirmed by the courts, often promotes case settlement.
Employment law has grown as a specialty, partly in response to general economic conditions.  Seeley and Berglass practices employment law in both state and federal agencies and courts.  Further, Seeley and Berglass has litigated extensively in the areas of estate and probate, as well as personal injury matters.